A bilateral Swedish - German Exhibition

Trelleborg 15-17 September


When it became clear that no exhibition would be arranged in Sweden in 2023, after Norrphil in 2022, but only in 2024 the question arose if we might be able to arrange something quickly. When the interest from Germany to put on a bilateral exhibition was manifested it felt natural to do so in a port city with a rich history of connections southwards. No sooner said than done, with concerted forces from SFF (Swedish Philatelic Federation) and SFU (Philatelic Youth of Sweden) we now have the pleasure to present TRELLEBORG 2023, a bilateral exhibition with a local touch. The vicinity to Europe is always felt a little extra in our southern Swedish port cities. The support from both the city authorities and German-Swedish friendship societies in arranging the exhibition is much appreciated. The Söderslättshallen is a modern sports arena and we will use the large handball court, with the adjoining “Kim Wall” foyer.

We will also continue with the debut class, introduced in 2022, that welcomes new exhibitors to experience the community support and hopefully feel hungry for more. As chairman of the exhibition committee I would like to welcome all, both “newbies” and “old hands”, to present their work and collections.

The fact that both SFF and SFU now take an active part in the organizing as partners shows the intent that we want active and committed federations. This in conjunction with the local clubs in Eslöv, Lund, Malmö, Trelleborg and Ystad providing volunteers. Our sponsors, led by Postiljonen, shall not be forgotten as without them I doubt we would get the philatelic feast that I hope we all will experience next year.

As I sit here in the dark of the winter dreaming of late summer, I only wish to say once again: Welcome to the “City of Palm Trees”, Trelleborg, and the exhibition TRELLEBORG 2023.

Ulf Nilsson

Chairman of the exhibition committee